USS Theodore E. Chandler DD 717

Sonarman Graduating Class

Sonar A School Class 560G 13-61
(Summer of 1961)

Rayburn, K.T.

  • Hanson, L.O.
  • Doung, V.D.
  • Baker, H.W.
  • Robinson, D.C.
  • Silva, G.W.
  • Collins, D.W.
  • Wager, P.P.
  • Williams, M.V.
  • Cox, N.R. *
  • Sullivan, R.W.

  • McMichael, R.D. *
  • Fagan, K.W.
  • Tan, N.H.
  • Schroeder, G.L. *
  • Williams, J.B.
  • Wright, F.J.
  • Fletterich, D.M.
  • Arellano, E.J.
  • Williams, K.W.
  • Burris, E.(N) *
  • Smith, D.E.

Sonar Class Photo

* Assigned at graduation to the USS Theodore E. Chandler DD 717

Subject: Sonar A School
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004
From: Mr & Mrs Bill Pritchett

While looking at the web site, I came across a photo of a group listed as Sonar A School Class 560G 13-61 (Summer of 1961) and the photo has Sonar Class Photo underneath it.

I was a radarman aboard the USS Preston DD 795, homeported in Long Beach, Ca. and attended this school, but was told it was ASW School. Also, the names are not correct for all the men shown in the photo. I am the person in the back row, left side, the man next to me is named Kaufman (also on my ship), the man , third from the right on the back row is Jim Wheeler, also a shipmate. The third class, kneeling, bottom left is named Jack Morgan. I am positive of this info as I have a cruise book and remember these men, but I sure don't remember this photo. Several radarmen and sonarmen boarded a bus in Long Beach and attended this ASW School. If you need to reach me, I am listed as a crew member on Destroyers Online. My phone is 501-753-8868.

Best Regards,

Bill Pritchett

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