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Corry: A D-Day Survivor's Stories About
the Destroyer That Led the Normandy Invasion

by Kevin McKernon

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June 6, 1944: D-Day – After leading the massive Allied invasion armada of more than 5,000 ships into the battle that was the beginning of the end for Adolf Hitler, off Utah Beach the destroyer USS Corry (DD-463) engaged in fierce combat with German artillery firing from the Normandy shore. A prime target at the front of the invasion force, she was the only U.S. destroyer sunk on D-Day. After abandoning ship, crewmembers fought to survive in bone-chilling water for more than two hours as they awaited rescue under constant enemy fire. Read fascinating stories that include D-Day front-line action, U-boat patrol, the Battle of the Atlantic, and more. Loaded with anecdotal sketches about life aboard ship during the war, these are the stories of Corry Chief Radio Technician and D-Day survivor Francis “Mac” McKernon. Written by his son Kevin McKernon, the book proudly pays tribute to those who served aboard the USS Corry – the destroyer that led the Normandy invasion.

Contains 53 photos, maps, and logs.


…[the] memories and stories are so vivid… The CORRY and its crew, two dozen of whom were lost at the Normandy landing on D-Day, is an inspirational story of the sacrifices of few to protect many. The story of raising the flag on the sunken CORRY is a testament to the courage and commitment of the Greatest Generation in their devoted service to our Nation and freedom. [USS CORRY] shipmates set the standard for courage and devotion.

    —The Honorable Hansford T. Johnson – Secretary of the Navy (acting)

What a great book!!… These are classic sea stories… I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    —Henry C. McKinney – Rear Admiral, United States Navy (ret.)
    President, United States Navy Memorial – Washington, DC

As you read, you will feel as though you're manning a battle station right alongside the rest of the crew…Anyone who enjoys truly gripping military fiction or nonfiction or who is looking for an authoritative reference book on the lives and times of destroyermen in World War II should read "Corry."

    —Independent Publishing Review

An eyewitness, blow-by-blow accounting… An intense saga of battle, death, and remembrances of the small touches and great friendships that transcend time and situation Corry is a welcome contribution to World War II European Theatre Military Studies reference collections and reading lists.

    —The Midwest Book Review

A valuable, often moving work likely to be of interest to anyone studying the Battle of the Atlantic, Normandy, and the war at sea.

    —The New York Military Affairs Symposium (NYMAS Review)

…expertly told… many exciting moments… well worth reading

    —The New Haven Register

Corry: A D-Day Survivor's Stories About
the Destroyer That Led the Normandy Invasion

ISBN: 0974069809
203 pages
Publisher: Easy Rudder Pr; (11/03)
Author: kvmc1@yahoo.com

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