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A Fine and Private War by Stuart M. Van Tine

The author served on destroyers out of Newport from 1965 through 1968. He served on USS Barry (DD-933) USS Willis A. Lee (DL-4). He spent most of 1969 at a PBR base in the Mekong Delta.

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A Fine and Private War is a novel about an experimental Fletcher class can built during WWII. The ship was really built, but never launched. She was the only DD built during the war with diesel electric drive.

In the story, set in the present, she has been converted into a luxury yacht named Seafire, owned by a syndicate of very wealthy people. An radical Islamic terrorist tells the owners that they must give him the ship, plus enough money to buy stolen nuclear satchel charges, or all of their children will be assassinated by his terror network. They have a terrible choice. If they give in to the demands, they will enable a madman the ability to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people. If they refuse, many, if not all, of their children will be killed.

The owners turn to an ex-Navy Vietnam vet for advice. He tells them they have only one choice. They must pretend to give in, but secretly turn the yacht back into a warship. Then they must go after the terrorists in their seagoing Trojan horse.

Here are some reviews from newspapers and magazines:

“The action doesn’t stop…at all ... Van Tine’s debut is more accomplished than one might expect a micropublished effort to be, and even more entertaining. Technothriller fans, get rollin’.” - Booklist

“It’s an up-to-the-minute thriller…and it kept me turning pages way past bedtime.” “All, in all, this novel is a candidate to become next year’s ‘The Hunt for Red October.’”- The Patriot Ledger, Quincy, MA.

“A Fine and Private War is a deftly written technothriller novel…a tense, exciting, highly recommended story for the action/adventure enthusiast.” - Midwest Book Review

“Here is an inaugural work … that hopefully introduces us to a new master. [Van Tine’s] detailing of absorbing characters, intricate plot and action can be favorably compared to Tom Clancy at his best. [He] separates himself from the king of large-scale thrillers by creating a similarly grand portrait with fewer words… ‘A Fine and Private War’ is as satisfying read as fans of Clancy…Alistair McLean, and Frederick Forsythe will ever devour in too great a hurry.” - Journal-Herald, Waycross, GA

“A Fine and Private War is packed with action from the get-go. It is a fast paced book and one heck of a read. Stuart M. Van Tine has done a wonderful job.” - Rambles Magazine

“You need to fasten your seatbelt when you read this book, because page after page, chapter after chapter, Van Tine continues to shift into a higher gear.” - The Courier-Times, Sutherland/Paxton/Hershey, NE The book is published in hardcover by Force Books, Inc. at the address below. ISBN 0-9717394-0-4 $24.95. Available through Amazon.com, B&N.com, etc.

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