USS Wren DD 568
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The Sacrificial Lambs (Who fought like Lions)
From the author:

Aircraft carriers, Battleships, Cruisers and all destroyer types are featured. Many smaller vessels such as tugs, landing craft and merchant ships, are written about. To gather information, I have read the history of every ship commissioned in the U.S. Navy, and I was there as a destroyerman, on the USS Wren DD568. We tell the story as it happened, from beginning to end, with a graphic pictorial account.

Bill Sholin


In the nearly 50 years that I have been collecting and reading books about the U.S. Navy, I have never been more riveted by such a really great "read" as I have found in this book by Bill Sholin. Not only is it fact filled but it covers every ship hit by Kamikazes, not just destroyers though destroyers were their main nemesis and therefore became their main targets. Bill Sholin also adds authority because Bill Sholin was there. More than any other book that I have seen, this one brings home just how close the US Navy was nearly stopped by what in essence was a ready made "guided missile." It clearly shows what would have been in store for the american navyman had an invasion of Japan been necessary. Destroyers OnLine recommends this great book as a definite "buy!"

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Subject: Author & Publisher :Sacrificial Lambs & Truman's Decision

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