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The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors
by James D. Hornfischer

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Hi Mark,

“THE LAST STAND OF Tin Can Sailors”. This book is an extraordinary World War II story about the US Navy's finest hour and most impossible victory: The Battle off Samar, October, 25 1944.

The Destroyers were: Hoel, Cdr. Leon S. Kentburger, Johnston, Cdr. Earnest E. Evans & Heerman, Cdr. Amos T. Hathaway. Destroyer Escorts Samuel B. Roberts, Lt. Cdr. Robert W. Copeland, Dennis, Lt. Cdr. Sig Hansen, Raymond, Lt. Cdr. AF Beyer, John C Butler, Lt. Cdr. John E. Pace.

Some will recall that recently departed Tin Can Sailors Of Texas member Bill Mercer served on the Johnston at age 18. This book contains several of Bill's photos, his accounts of the battle and his survival after the Johnston was sunk.

The battle begins when the seven Destroyers escorting six Escort Carriers are discovered by Japanese Forces of 4 Battleships, 6 Heavy Cruisers, 2 Light Cruisers and 11 Destroyers. The Yamato, the worlds largest Battleship had nine 18.1 inch guns firing 3,200 pound shells more than 26 miles. Each of Yamato's turrets weighed more than a Fletcher Class Destroyer. The Yamato's secondary battery of six inch guns was twice the hitting power of any of the American Destroyers.

Tom Cheatum

Publisher: Bantam (February 3, 2004)
Hardcover: 512 pages
ISBN: 0553802577
Product Dimensions: 9.7 x 6.4 x 1.2 inches

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