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The Benson ( DD ) Class

 Courtesy of Navsource
USS Benson DD 421
Courtesy of Navsource

This class was intended to be an improved version of the Sims class with two stacks, and a alternating machinery space layout. The Benson class destroyer was the backbone of the pre-war Neutrality Patrols and brought the action to the enemy by participating in every major campaign of the war. It is well known that the USS Niblack is credited with the first action taken by American forces against axis hostility. Together with their later sisters, the Bristol class, they became known as the Benson-Livermore class Destroyers.

Though not affiliated with Destroyers Online, Richard Angelini runs a web-site for the Benson-Livermore class Destroyers.

In addition to Richard Angelini's site for this class, we have a few of the ships listed here, and other links will take you to the Naval Historical Center website.

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Ships by Hull Number
Alphabetical Listing
  1. DD 421 Benson
  2. DD 422 Mayo
  3. DD 423 Gleaves
  4. DD 424 Niblack
  5. DD 425 Madison
  6. DD 426 Lansdale
  7. DD 427 Hilary P. Jones
  8. DD 428 Charles F. Hughes
  9. DD 429 Livermore
  10. DD 430 Eberle
  11. DD 431 Plunkett
  12. DD 432 Kearny
  13. DD 433 Gwin
  14. DD 434 Meredith
  15. DD 435 Grayson
  16. DD 436 Monssen
  17. DD 437 Woolsey
  18. DD 438 Ludlow
  19. DD 439 Edison
  20. DD 440 Ericsson
  21. DD 441 Wilkes
  22. DD 442 Nicholson
  23. DD 443 Swanson
  24. DD 444 Ingraham

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