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The Somers ( DD ) Class

Displacement:  2,047 tons 
               (2,767 tons full load)
Length:        381'
Beam:          36' 11"
Draught:       12' 5"
Machinery:     ?
Performance:   52,000 shp for 37 knots
Bunkerage:     627 tons
Range:         7,500 nautical 
               miles at 15 knots
Guns:          [6] 5 inch; 
               [8] 1.1 inch; 
               [2] .5" MG

Torpedoes:     [12] 21" 
               (later reduced to eight) 

Ships by Hull Number
Alphabetical Listing
  1. DD 381 Somers
  2. DD 383 Warrington
  3. DD 394 Sampson
  4. DD 395 Davis
  5. DD 396 Jouett

MR. Mark Roberts,

I hope this doesn't surprise you too much that I'm still here to ask that my name be included in the crew list of the USS SAMPSON, DD 394.

I served on this ship from September 1940 to June 1944( I was nineteen when I reported aboard ). Then I was transferred to the USS ANTIETAM CV36,where I put this ship in commission,Philadelphia Navy Yard.

Some of the crew I remember partial names--chief Hatland(engineering)--Bernacke (1st class BTG)-- William Miller--Camdr Bell--Green(last name)--Sanders ( last name, 2nd class BTG)--Millasuk--Melason(torpedo man) --Segafretto--Drenwitz. Wheather this information has any value to you I'll let you make that decision.

I would like to add at this time that I have read many reports on the SAMPSON and none has ever mentioned that we were in Boston,Charleston Navy Yard under repair of our number two engine room drive shaft on the morning of December 7th 1941 and were told that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor. Thought I would mention this little bit of history.

If this is any help to you Please let me know. My email address is


Clarence M Page

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