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DOL now has a new corner for those who collect "Tin Can whatnot." This can be any item from "ship postal cancellations" (which we happen to be starting with) to whatever! If you are prone to this sort of activity then please drop us a line and we'll post your e-mail and put you on our new list.
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Destroyer Squadron 36

Left to right: Benham (DD-796), O'Brien (DD-725), Wedderburn (DD-684) and Piedmont (AD-17) - Yokosuka, Japan

Contributed by George English who says "The destroyer tenders are being left out. Their niche in history may belong with the Tincans they supported."

Marine Art by: Michael Donegan
Painting by Michael Donegan, copyright 1995

From: Mike Leonard
Subject: Destroyers On-line
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997

A great site! I collect a variety of Navy memorabilia: patches, ship tabs, postcards, ashtrays, etc. etc. and am always looking to expand my collection. Please add me to the 'collector' list. Keep up the great work...

Mike Leonard,
Served onboard USS King (DDG-41) 1981-84

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