Do you remember any of those words or terms that you used all the time then, but seem strange now. Well, put them down along with a short definition, email them in, and we will post them for posterity.

Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 09:40:43 -0700
Subject: glossary

Don't know if you can use these or not, but one phrase used on our ship was "splice-the-main-brace", which usually was an order from the captain to the Dr. on board to distribute to the crew a shot of some kind of spirits, especially after an under way refueling, stores transfer, ammo transfer, or the like and mainly if this was done at night and in foul weather. Mostly it was just a little something extra the captain did for the crew. The crew being the "main-brace"!. Then there was the ever popular "s---can" which was of course either referring to a wastebasket or the actual act of putting something in the wastebasket or disposing of refuse in some other manner. That one probably got more sailors in trouble at home on the first leave than anything else. I know it did me! "Such language!!!" as mom would say!

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