Mark Roberts at the D.R.T. aboard USS Whipple (FF-1062)

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Dear Family member,

Before sending me an e-mail below, please consider a few things in order that I may help you, and there are ways from this page you can help yourself to all that our site has to offer.

  • Destroyers Online is not officially sponsored by the Navy or any other government organization. We are a private group of former Destroyer & Frigate sailors who contribute our time to this worthy cause.

  • Destroyers Online is a site presented "as is," e.g. we have no hidden files or records. All of the information we have has been contributed by sailors, their friends, family or fellow shipmates - and is on our website. Be that as it may, biology plays a part in what we have: the further one goes back in time, the less likely we have what you're looking for.

  • If you're looking for Service Records or Deck Logs, there isn't any website I know of that has this information. One has to get these records the old fashioned way: Postal mail. A good place to start is an information page at Navsource. Speaking of Navsource, if you're looking for ship photo's we may not have, this fine [private] organization has the largest number of naval photo's anywhere, so if we don't have it, be sure to visit them.

  • Website navigation: For our veteran sailors, navigating our website may not cause indigestion, but for family members who may not know the difference between a Fletcher class Destroyer and a Knox class Frigate, we do understand the challenge. A good navigation "home page" would be our "complete list" of ships. If the ship you're looking for is not hyper-linked on this page, we don't have any information on that ship . . . yet. If you do have information, or would like to honor your loved one who served aboard that ship with a photo or a story, we would be honored to start a web page for that ship and post appropriate material. A good example of what can be done is at the USS Brownson page, with the photo and e-mail from Nancy DeAngelis.

We sincerely enjoy this endeavor and hope that we can contribute to a subject we know you hold special too.

Thank you and God Bless,

Mark Roberts
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