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Welcome to a new section of Destroyers OnLine dedicated to US Navy destroyers, Destroyer Escorts and Frigates preserved as Museum Ships. DOL will be adding to this page as time goes by so check back again every couple of weeks or so. First in this series is USS Turner Joy.

USS Barry DD 933 - Washington, DC
USS Cassin Young DD 793 - Boston, Massachussetts
USS Edson DD 946 - New York, New York
USS Joseph P. Kennedy DD 850 - Fall River, Massachussetts
USS Kidd DD 661 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
USS Laffey DD 724 - Charleston, South Carolina
USS Slater DE 766 - New York, New York
USS Stewart DE 238 - Galveston, Texas
USS The Sullivans DD 537 - Buffalo, New York
USS Turner Joy DD 951 - Bremerton Washington

USS Edson - Museum Ship in New York

USS Turner Joy (DD-951)


Following was drawn by a former Turner Joy shipmate.

This print is a full color 5 x 14 mounted and matted (8 x 17 finished).

For order information contact:

Tim Villeneuve

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